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Job Search in Turkey

Job Search in Turkey The Turkish economy now embraces new foreign and national investors and this also makes employment-related issues more important than ever in that strategic country.

The number of employees in Turkey increased by 1.5 million people, distributing that amount to an increase of 446,000 employed in the agriculture sector and 1,095,000 in non-agricultural sectors like tourism, medical and finance. Turkey is a tourist country during all year, specially the city of Istambul and the Cappadocia area located in the west region. That is the reason why you can get easily a seasonal job related to tourist activity. Also other service jobs like real estate agents, architects and jobs related with finance and business are in demand.

How to get a job in Turkey

Finding a Job in Turkey, which is a country with a diversity of history, culture and geography, is not very easy. People that decided to get a job must take into consideration that it is necessary to obtain a work permit prior to arriving in Turkey and work legally.

You will be able to search through jobs in Turkey and apply online; there are many websites where you can find jobs and different salaries, types of work and different motivations. These kinds of websites recommend you prepare writing a professional resume and cover letter. Check resume templates online to get an idea of how to write your resume and, if you donít like you resume style, change it.

Tips to find a job in Turkey

You can access resume samples to use and improve your own resume, remember to use action verbs and include specific keywords in your resume according to the job vacancy you are applying for. As you know, the job interview is the most important step and it is advisable you know what kind of behavioral interview questions the interviewer may ask. You need to be prepared to provide right answers including specific examples of your work experience.

On the other hand, you can check examples of a resume online in order to prepare a successful resume. You need to know how to review, summarize, and present your experiences and achievements. Outline your achievements briefly and concisely. Having a resume online means that you can update it wherever you are and you can have your own website; this will show proficiency to employers and will demonstrate your computer skills too.

Also, you may consider write a really professional cover letter. That document can help you to get the job you apply. If you don't know how to write a cover letter, you must download some examples of cover letters for free for inspire them. Remember add your personal touch to these cover letters if you want to get the job!

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