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Health in Turkey

Turkish main cities are well covered with hospitals and private clinics available at reasonable costs. In rural areas and the east of the country, health services are less developed. The majority health cares services have bilingual professional and speak a foreign language. Medical facilities and standard of health care are not high in state hospitals and private health insurance is highly recommended.

It is recommended receive inoculations for Polio and Typhoid before travelling to Turkey. Also there is a risk of malaria in the south-eastern, but there are no reports of infection in main tourist areas. Some cases of bird flu have been reported in northern, eastern and central Turkey, but there is no evidence of the virus passing between humans.

To entry to the country there are no vaccination requirements, but is recommended to take care before to go to the country.

Water in the country are treat with chlorine, but to avoid any type of stomachic upset is recommended bottled water for drinking. Food from street vendors should be consumed with caution.

Health Precautions for Travel to Turkey

To reduce health risks visiting Turkey is recommended consider the following precautionary health measures.
  • Take your malaria prevention medication before, during, and after travel, as directed
  • Mosquito and insect bite prevention
  • Avoid drinking non-treated water - try drink only bottled water.
  • Eat only cooked food or fruits and vegetables you have peeled yourself.
  • to prevent fungal and parasitic infections, keep feet clean and dry, and do not walk barefoot.
  • Avoid eat food from street vendors.
  • Use a basal metabolic rate formula to calculate your own BMR and avoid health problems
  • To avoid rabies try to not handle animals especially monkeys, dogs, and cats.
  • Use sun block and take sunglasses and a hat.

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