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The Turkish dishes not only have an extremely appetizing appearance, but also a variety of ingredients that facilitates the endlessly changing the preparation and taste of the dishes. Throughout Turkey and especially in Istanbul, drink par excellence is the Turkish beer, although there are also white and red wines of great quality.

The national drink is raki, a kind of anise, and much too drink ayran, which is yogurt dissolved in water. Due to the rich in fruits and vegetables from the region, many fruit juices and much tea, served hot and never with milk are taken. Turkish coffee, kahve, is also very good, it is always served in small cups.

For dessert, fruits are delicious Turkey, Istanbul and Bursa peaches, apples Amasya, Ankara pears, figs and raisins Izmir, Antalya mandarins and oranges or sweet and juicy melons are Anatolia. Other desserts that are much taken in Istanbul are Baklava, which is puff pastry with pistachio nuts and syrup, Tulumba, a kind of churros, muhallebi, a delicious pudding, sutlac, the classic rice pudding, Komposto, a compote made with succulent fruits Turkish , Dondurma, are icy, Burma and Revani cakes, cinnamon and semolina respectively Ekmek kadayifi, the Spanish equivalent would be the toast and known worldwide as Turkish Delight, whose name is lokum. After these binges sure you want to calculate your body fat index and with this calculator we teach you how to calculate body fat.

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