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Moving Companies in Turkey

Moving Companies in Turkey If you are thinking moving to Turkey, or you would like to live there, you will need to get a residence visa. To do this, you will must submit all relevant documents to the Turkish Consulate General at least eight weeks before you depart from your home country.

Moving to Turkey, it demands you to organize many things. Things to consider include: Children education, financial affairs, residence and work permit, job offer, passports, credit cards, health affairs, taxes and a moving insurance.

This list can help with vital points for you to consider when you choose a moving companies in Turkey:
  • Make a research about the moving company that you are considering; it is very important to check if they are authorized to transfer goods.
  • Evaluate different moving companies as well as the kind of services that they offer. Compare international relocation rates based on shipping an equal volume of goods in a specific date. Make sure that you are not overlooking any hidden fees.
  • Ask each company for testimonials from past clients and check their referrales. Moving companies should have a good reputation.
  • Never trust an international moving company that does not have a verifiable adress. Visit its office before you consider the offer.

Some tips about moving and living in Turkey

If you want to move to Turkey permanently, you will need a visa and obtain a work permit. Getting a work permit can be a complicated process because it involves a lot of paperwork.

During the moving process, you will also have to consider employment options. The economy in Turkey is growing; it has shown a major development in the sectors of business and finances. Foreigners can apply for a work permit, but sometimes the government holds a conservative approach to work permits, and it may be more difficult to obtain a work permit than you thought.

The quality of healthcare service varies from region and public heath service is often not the same as private health service. However, those who prefer private healthcare have access to private hospitals; especially if you are moving to an urban city.

The living costs in Turkey depend on the region, but they are generally lower compared with the rest of Europe. Of course, this entirely depends on your lifestyle and on where you life.

If you have already decided to move to Turkey, there are things that you have to do before you move out:
  • Search international movers and get free quotes, it helps you to choose a agency that fits your budget.
  • Remember, if you are thinking of living in Turkey for more than six months, it is necessary apply to the Turkish Embassy or consulate in your country for a resident visa before you move out.
  • It is recommended that you rent a house in Turkey if you are planning be there for a year or less. But if you donít have an specific period of time, you might purchase a house although the process can last a few months.
  • It will be better if you move to Turkey when youíve already obtained a job. Contact an employment agency.
  • Living abroad doesnít mean that you wonít be in contact with your friends and relatives; internet is an strong tool to communicate with everybody. You can send e-mails and moving postcards.

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