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Best of Kusadasi

Kusadasi as one of Turkey’s premier holiday resort and its historical heritage offers to its visitors many places of interest and for entertainment. Near to the town are the remains of the ancient city Ephesus known as the best preserve citadel and one of the highlights of Turkey, the house of the Virgin Mary where thousands of pilgrims attend to visit, the historical city of Miletos, the temple of Artemis considered as one of the seven world wonders of the ancient world.

Around the town and about few kilometres from the centre town, the tourists can enjoy of the beautiful and sandy beaches that are spread along the coats of Kusadasi. Among the most popular beaches are considered the Long Beach and the Ladies Beach both of them offering unforgettable experiences with their clear waters; also count with facilities and accommodation, restaurants that make more comfortable the stay.

Besides of the mentioned above, Kusadasi itself has some historical places worth to visit like its mosques belonging to the Ottoman era that shows the exquisite architecture of these times. The “Fortress Mosque” is good example of the Turkish and Ottoman architecture.

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