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Ephesus, located on the south of Kusadasi town, was one of the most important commercial center of the western Anatolia and one of the highlights of Turkey. Today Ephesus is one of the most visited places in Turkey due its archaeological and architectonical heritage, boasting the title of the best preserve and restored city in Turkey.

Although there is not certain knowledge about the city’s foundation, two legends are accepted. One of them tells that Ephesus was founded by the Amazons and the city was called Apasas just as is demonstrated in the Hittites’ writings found in the excavations. The other tells that the city was founded by Androclos, the son of the Atenian King of Kodros, in the 10BC. Androclos and his friends were looking for a new place where they could be established and with the advice of an oracle of Apollo, which told them to establish the new city where they will find a fish and a boar. During his quest, Androclos and his companions decided to rest and while they fried fish, a fish fell and did that the fire scatter causing a fire; suddenly they saw a boar that was hidden in the shrubs and started to run away, Androclos followed to the boar and killed it. Sure of that the prophecy was come true, he founded the city of Ephesus and became the first king of the city. Androclos governed for long time until he died during the war against Carians and was buried in a mausoleum close to the Magnesia gate. After his death, his descendants governed the city.

In the 7th century was attacked by the Cimmerians, but it was recovered time later. During the reign of the Lydian King Kreisos, Ephesus undergoes its golden era. Then Persians captured the city until they were defeated by Alexander the great; Alexander the great brings prosperity to Ephesus, but at his death Lysimakhos took the power bringing with him fateful times.

In the Roman times, the city was part of the Bergama Kingdom, but at the death of the King Attalos, passed again under the Roman power. During this period Ephesus gained a great reputation and prospered as an important trade center due its important port. Also Ephesus is considered as an important place to Christianity, St. Paul preached in the city and the Christianity was accepted for almost all inhabitants. Additionally St. John and the Virgin Mary visited the city; the Virgin Mary settled in a near town to Ephesus in the Mount Bulbul.

Among the most remarkable in Ephesus are the Oldeon, a small theater, the Ephesus Theatre, the Prytaneion, the Temple of Hadrian, as well as other historic places that encompass this ancient city.

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