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Mevlana Mausoleum

The Mevlana Museum also known as the Green Mausoleum located in the city centre was a gift from the Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad I to the Mevlana’s father, Sultanü'l-Ulema Bahaaeddin Veled in 1228. After Mevlana’s father death, the disciples and friends of Sultanü'l-Ulema approached to Mevlana asking to build a mausoleum over the grave of his father, but he refused the request. Years later when Mevlana died, his son Sultan Veled accepted the request to build the mausoleum over Mevlana´s grave. The mausoleum was built by the architect Bedrettin and called “Kubbe-i Hadra” (Green mausoleum). For long time the mausoleum was the tekke or lodge of the Mevlevi Whirling Dervishes until 1925 when Atatürk banned all Sufic orders. In 1926 the mausoleum was turned into a museum and named “Konya museum of Historical Works”. After took its actual name Mevlevi Museum in 1954.

Since its construction the mausoleum has suffered many changes, additions and restorations, most of them made in the Ottoman Period.

The main tomb belonging to Mevlana is located under the green dome called Kibab'ulaktab that is easily visible from outside.

The mausoleum includes a semahane and a mosque, both in the same structure and divided by archways blocked by iron grills and wooden partitions. In the semahane takes place the annual whirling ceremony or sema, there are clothes and caps of Mevlana, also of his son and his friend Shams al-Tabriz displayed in addition to medieval prayer rugs and Sufi musical objects. The mosque contains an exhibition with prayer rugs and manuscripts.

The Tilavet Room or the Calligraphy section was built by the son of Sadrazam Sokullu Mehmed in 1599. It bears examples of works by famous calligraphers of the Ottoman period. This section was used as a place to read the Koran by the dervishes

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