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Catalhoyuk is an ancient settlement from the Neolithic period located in the borders of Konya in the Çumra District discovered in 1950s. Remains dating from 5500BC were found in the excavations carried out between 1961 and 1965 by J. Mellaart, evidencing that this place was one of the first human settlements in the earth.

The settlement is famous for due to the large extension and occupation, and for its frescoes in the walls inside the houses. During the excavations many artifacs of the daily life and painting walls were discovered, and among archeological objects there is a figure of the mother-gooddess and obsidian and clay objects.

The settlement consist basically of mud-brick houses, something characteristics of the buildings is that all of them are separate without common walls and the absence of defined streets. Inside the houses it could be appreciated the painting walls with red colors, there are small niches and ovens carved inside. The houses consist of a single room and a warehouse, with plastered walls. Something peculiar is that the houses does not have doors to the outside, its inhabitant used to enter by a hole in the roof helped with a leader.

Undoubtedly Catalhoyuk is an interesting place to visit, taking photographs, and know how the life of the ancient settlement was.

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