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Ethnography Museum

The Ethnography Museum (Etnografya Müzesi) of Izmir is a beautiful mansion built a Neoclassical style of the early 19th century. After having been recovered of Department of Public Health and restored from 1985 and 1988, it was designated to be a museum featuring the Turkish folklore. The building contains three floors above the ground floor, each one featuring different collections.

The First Floor has three sections. In the first one are exhibit manual works, bathing suits and the living rooms of the 19th century. In the second one there are examples of ancient ovens, wooden works and first Turkish pharmacy. The third one features the Menemen pots of its bazaar, camel wrestling folk plays and the Efe (swash buckling village dandy of Southwestern Anatolia). In the interior parts objects and manual works are exhited.

In the Second Floor are exhibit first century’s bridal veils, ornament properties of women; wedding gowns, a brides room, a cicumcision room (Islamic law for boys), a living room, kitchen utensils, calligraphic book, Ottoman coins and writing tools are displayed in the second section. In the third section war tools such as arrows of the Ottoman period, bows, rifles, guns, javelins, armor-clads, bayonets and generally Agean Carpets, small carpets, carpeting tools, bags, saddle bags are exhibited.

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