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Archaeology Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Izmir (Arkeoloji Müzesi) close to Konak Square, exhibits an impressive collection of ancient and Roman artifacts recovered from area excavations, including Bergama, Iasos, Bayrakli, and Agora. The exhibition is arranged in different floors and halls.

The First Floor
This floor features the statues of Demeter, Poseidon, Artemis which were found in Agora, embellished ceiling coatings belonging to Belevi Mausoleum and some architectural pieces coming from antique cities Larissa, Claros, Didyma.

In the interior section of the hall, marble statues like the marble statue of river god Kaistros found in Ephesus are exhibited.

The Second Floor
In this floor are exhibited marble sculptures, marble busts, sculptures heads and portraits. The Korean sculpture found in Erythrai, is one of the first examples of large marble sculptures from the Ancient Age. It is located in the entrance of the Salon, next to the Bronze Athlete Sculpture that was found in Kyma.

The Third Floor
This floor has two galleries. The first gallery bears works of art found in different parts of Western Anatolia. Small statues made of glass, bronze, ring stones, pots, pans, kerosine lamps and the small statues are classified and arranged chronologically, from the primitive ages to the end of the Byzantine Period, and exhibited inside the display windows.

The Second Salon features the recovered works by the archeological excavations by archeologists and historians ordered chronologically for didactic purposes. These works were found in the archeological excavations that were made in Eski Izmir (Symrna), Çandarli, Myrina, Foça, Çesme (Erythrai) and the ancient Lasos also there is a storage department this floor. This section bears also golden grave gifts, glass and bronze works, also the bronze Demeter (goddess of fertility) which was found in Halicarnasus, and Greek golden, Roman golden and Venedic coins.

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