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Turkish & Islamic Arts Museum

Istanbul's Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum (Türk-Islam Eserleri Müzesi), is a museum located in Sultanahmet Square across from the Blue Mosque exhibiting almost all periods and all types of Islamic art.

The museum stands in the old Palace of Ibrahim Pasha, a sumptuous residence built by Sultan Süleyman. Its collection has over than forty thousand objects including fine oriental rugs, Seljuk and Ottoman woodcarvings, Turkish folk life clothing, rug and kilim looms, showing the weaving and dying techniques.

Among the collections displayed in the museum, they are divided into sections.

Section of Carpets
The carpet section has the richest collection of carpet collection in the world, this caused that the museum were called the “Carpet Museum”. The collection features rare Seljuk carpets, prayer rugs and animal figured carpets belonging to the 15th centuries and the carpets produced in Anatolia between the 15th - 17th centuries and called as "Holbein Carpet".

Section of Woden Works
This section feature is the Anatolian wood art dated from between the 9th and 10th century. Among its collections there area Anatolian Seljuks art work, mother-of-pearl, ivory, tortoiseshell ornamented wooden works from the Ottoman Empire, Koran part cases, book rests and drawers.

Section of Stone Art
This section features stone works belonging to Emevi, Abbasi, Memluk, Seljuk, Ottoman periods.

Ceramic and Glass
This section displays ceramics works from the early Islamic period as well as glasses collections belonging to the Anatolian Principalities.

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