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Istanbul Travel Guide

Istanbul Travel Guide

Istanbul is located in the north-west Turkey extending into the Marmara region and surrounded by the provinces of Tekirdag to the west, Kocaeli to the east, the Black Sea to the north and the Sea of Marmara to the south.

Istanbul famous for its history and its importance for the country as one of the most principal commercial centre today is a huge cosmopolitan metropolis connecting continents , cultures, religions and home of around of twelve millions of inhabitants. The Bosphorus (Bogaziši) Strait divides the province in two parts: the European side and the Asian side, and that is why Istanbul is described as "the crossroads of Europe and Asia".

Istanbul along its history was the capital of three successive empires: Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. Today Istanbul still maintains remains of its glorious past which contrasts with the development of the region and the modernity. Turkey is worth to visit and where travellers will not be disappointed.

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