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City of Goreme

Göreme is a town located in the hearth of Capadocia, in the central Anatolia, and an important tourist centre. Göreme is a thriving community that still maintain its ancient customs and famous for the natural rock formations that can be found around this area called “fairy chimneys”. These unique rock formations were made along the centuries becoming a great tourist attraction today thanks to the interaction of the climatic conditions and the composition of the area, dominated by erosions that with the rains and wind have formed the capricious shapes that can be seen today.

Göreme dates back to the Roman times, specifically the times of Christian persecution. The Christians escaped to this region in times when the Roman Empires begins the persecution of all those believers of the new religion. The refugees settled this part of Anatolia and made churches and their houses in the volcanic soft rock.

Among the city there are many great tourist places to enjoy, like the Open Air Museum that shows exquisite examples of frescoes dating from the 9th and 10th century where are shown passages of the bible and moments of Christ’s life. Around the Open Air museum there are churches with their walls painted with beautiful frescoes too as the Elmali Church, Saint Barbara Church, Carikli Church, Tokali Church and Hidden Church .

Despite the town is relatively small, the tourist development has provoked the opening of a wide range of accommodations and services to make the stay there more enjoyable.

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