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Fethiye Travel Guide

Sports in Fethiye

Its favourable climate conditions and geographic location allow to the sports enthusiast to enjoy of a great variety of sporting activities around Fethiye.

Oludeniz in Fethiye in considered as one of the best flying places for Paragliding in Europe, and in the world. Babadag with its 1,975 m/ 6,480 ft. height is a well-known place in Oludeniz where every year thousands of enthusiasts come to practice this exciting sport. Paragliders from all over the world choose Oludeniz as a privilege destination that offers a unique experience with its turquoise blue waters, white strechs of beaches, several take off points at different heights and locations makes Oludeniz the ideal place for both novice and experienced pilot

The clearest water of the Aegean along the Oludeniz offers to divers great opportunities for diving. Around the Oludeniz there are many different places to dive where enjoy of watching the sea life and sea creatures like Caretta Caretta Turtles, Dolphins, Moray Eels, Octopus, Tuna, Jacks, Congers, Cray fish, etc. There are also caverns, walls, drop offs, tunnels and archeological dive sites make.

Horseback Riding
Oludeniz and the Kaya Village are two sites worth to enjoy riding, there are little pathways surrounded by valleys and a land dotted with olive groves and ancient sites.

Trekking - Lycian Route
Trekking by the Licyan routes is an unique experience, offering a great views of the landscape and ancient remains of the Lycian civilization.

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