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Fethiye Travel Guide

Best of Fethiye

Fethiye Archaeological Museum
This charm museum is located in the center of the town, displaying the historical legacy of Fethiye. The museum consists in two halls, the archaeological hall and the ethnographical hall. In the first one are displayed ceramic works arranged chronologically and statues dating back 3000BC to the end of the Byzantine time. The Ethnographic hall includes hand weaving samples, embroideries, robes, silver jewellery and many other samples of the domestic artifacts and clothes of the locals. The museum has an open-air exhibition where are displayed big stone works, tombs, sarcophagus graves and the Izraza Monument.

The opened hours of the Museum are from 8am-5pm on Tuesdays to Fridays, Mondays the museum is closed.

Telmessos Antique Theater
This ancient theatre was built in the early Romans times and used as an arena. Its capacity is of 1500 seats. The theater was discovered 3-4 meters under the soil layers during the excavations accomplished by the Directorate General of Fethiye Museum from 1993 to 1995.

Lycia Rock Tombs
Fethiye is famous for the fine art remaining from the Lycian Period, especially for thombs carved out on natural rocks. The most remarkable is the Tomb of Amintas, located in the district of the same name, belonging to the Lycian times. The Amintas Tomb features in the front side quadrangle carvings resembling wooden beams and a gothic style arched cover that was decorated with frescoes depicting wars in its both sides.

Íludeniz (Blue Lagoon)
This famous and dazzling area of Fethiye, located a few minutes from the town centre is one of the major attractions in the city. The Blue Lagoon boasts its clearest waters and one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey surrounded by the stunning landscape of mountains and pine forest.

Oludeniz is the most preferred tourist place for locals and foreign, including the Belcekiz beach, a sandy pebbled beach backed by beautiful pine-clad mountains. The Oludeniz is comprised within a National Park. The entrance to this area is paid but the fee is relatively cheap.

Around the beach there are many camps, motels, shops, bars and restaurants.

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