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Edirne History

Edirne throughout its history has had relative importance as a gateway from Europe to Asia and vice versa and as a place where many battles and sieges took place. The Greek mythology tells that formerly the city was built by the son of King Agamemnon, Orestes and named it as Orestias.

Later the Roman Emperor Hadrian founded the city of Hadrianopolis where previously were the ancient Thracian settlement known as Uskadama, Uskudama. He began to build many monuments and in few time the city became to one of the most important Roman cities of the Empire. During the Roman and Byzantine times Hadrianopolis was whiteness of many battles and some of the most important were the battle between the Roman army commanded by the Emperor Valens against the Goths in 378, where the Romans were defeated. Centuries later in 807, the city was captured by the Bulgars but early was recovered by the Byzantines.

In 1362, the city was captured by the Ottomans, been the sultan Murad I, and a year later the city was renamed to Edirne. In 1365 the city was declared as the Capital of the Ottoman Empire and conserved its title until 1453, when the capital of the Empire passed to Constantinople. During the 17th century Edirne underwent its Golden Era, when many Sultans went to the city to spend their time. In 1828 Russia captured the city after three days of siege during the Greek War of Independence, and in 1878 in the Bulgarian independence war. In 1912 was captured by Bulgarians and finally by the Greeks in the early 1920s, which finished with the Lausanne Treaty of 24 July 1923.

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