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Best of Edirne

Among the principal sights in Edirne are the Selimiye Mosque; considered by its developer, the famous turkish architect Mimar Sinan as his masterpiece. The Eski Camii, this mosque dates back to the Ottoman period; the Edirne Palace is a building dating back from the Turkish times worth to visit.

Selimiye Mosque
The Selimiye Mosque is a prominent building, considered as the masterpiece of the Turkish architect Mimar Sinan. The mosque was built between 1568 and 1574 commissioned by Sultan Selim II.

The mosque is considered one of the highest achievements of Islamic architecture. Located on a small hill in the city centre, the mosque comprises a medrese, a dar-ul hadis, a timekeeper's room and an arasta (row of shops) and consists in a dome and four minarets; its structure uses an octagonal supporting system that itself is embedded in a square basis.

The mosque’s interior is simply magnificent, the columns supporting the dome are made up of marble and has stunning tiles and magnificently decorated with calligraphic carvings.

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