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Edirne Travel Guide

Edirne Travel Guide

Edirne is one of the most important cities in Turkey located in Thrace in the European side of Turkey, at 7km from the border with Greece and 18km from Bulgaria, with an estimated population of 128,400. Edirne is famous for the mosques, covered bazaars, and the elegant minarets and domes that the city boats.

Formerly known as Adrianapolis in the Roman times, during the Ottoman reign was the capital of the Empire. During the Ottoman Empire and as its capital, Edirne got its maximum development, were built many stunning mosques that reveals the magnificent works of these times. One of the most remarkable monuments in Edirne is the Selimiye Mosque that was built by the famous Turkish architect Mimar Sinan in the 16th century; the mosque boasts marvelous marble handicrafts and fine tiles and paintings. Other mosques worth to visit are the Yildirim Mosque built in the 14th and the Eski Mosque in the 15th.

Edirne thanks for its rich past has too much to offer for the visitors in addition to the mosques. The Edirne Palace, used as the home of the Ottoman emperors, is one of the best remains of the Ottoman Times, also are the caravansaries of Rustem Pasha and Ekmekcioglu Ahmet Pasha, buildings dedicated to host travelers in the 16th century. The Bedesten Bazaar and the Arasta Bazar are excellent examples of the way of how from the ancient times and still now the Turkish trade their products.

A highlight in Edirne is the grease-wrestling, the national sport in Turkey. This sport takes place on Kirkpinar Island every July, and attracts the attention of thousands of visitors and enthusiasts of this sport.

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