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Telephone Service

Telephone Service in Turkey is provided by Turk Telekom, a half privatized company, covering all the country with local and international direct dialing system.

Turkish telephone numbers do have 7 digits in Turkey. Each Turkish town/city has its own 3 digits "Area Code".

Calling To/From Turkey
Turkey Country Code is 90. To call to Turkey from abroad dial your Access Code for International dial usually 00 (worldwide), followed by the country code, 90 + the Turkish city/town code + the phone number. For instance, to call to a phone number located in the European side of Istanbul, the dial will be: 00 90 212 PHONE NUMBER.

To dial abroad from Turkey dial the international code 00 followed by the country code and the number including the local area code.

There are three GSM mobile-phone companies, all of whit sell pre-paid SIM cards for around $20. Top-up cards are widely available.

Public pay phones
Public telephones are conveniently located throughout the country. There are public phone booths which accept cards or tokens, called “jetons”, which can be bought from post offices (PTT) or local shops. The JETONS are available in three sizes: small for local calls, large for international calls and medium which can be used for either.

Calling from your hotel might be quite expensive, but as an alternative the public phones are cheaper. It is wise to check rates before making a call.

Useful Numbers Emergency

Office/Institution Number
Fire Department 110
International Operator115
Directory Assistance 118
Reversed Charge Calls131
Coast Security158
Forest Fire177

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