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Aspendos Theatre


The ancient city of Aspendos is located in the southern Mediterranean coast at 47km from city of Antalya. This ancient city boasts one of the most well preserved Roman theatre in the world. Founded by colonist who came from Argos was known as Estvadys, as it can be seen in the minted coins of the 4th and 5th centuries B.C.

This area during its history has change of hands many times as almost as the other cities of the country, and it was in the Roman times when the city flourished and lived it glory days in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD. In the 5th century the city's name was changed to Primopolis. Among Aspendosí remains that can be seen are its magnificent aqueducts, parts of which are in the nearby Village and on the site of the ruins. The necropolis of Aspendos is east of the acropolis.

Aspendosí Theater

The theatre at Aspendos is undoubtedly the best-preserved example of Roman theatre in the world. This splendid theatre was built during the reign of Marcus Aurelius (161-180 AD) in honour of to "the Gods of the Country and the Imperial House", the architect who designed the theatre was Zeno. For its construction was used regularly dressed blocks of conglomerate while the door and window frames are of a cream-colored limestone. Its seating capacity is of 20,000, and is still usable today.

The theatre consists of a stage building that is a two-tiered facade with four rows of windows, each row of which is of a different form and size. The niches contained decorative statuary. The auditorium is divided in two by a diazoma and there is a gallery of columns surmounting the top row of seats.

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