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Antalya Archaeological Museum

Antalya Museum

Antalya Archaeological Museum

Antalya Archeological Museum is one of the largest museums in Turkey, situated some 2km from the city center of Antalya. The museum opened his doors for visitors in 1922, originally operated in the Al‚eddin Mosque, then was moved to the Yivli Mosque in 1937, and finally moved to its present building in 1972. In 1982 was closed to make restorations and modifications and was re-opened in 1985.

The museum consists of 13 halls, a children's section and an open air gallery in the lovely garden behind the museum.

Among the halls available are: the large Archeological section where is displayed an excellent survey of the great periods in Pamphylia's history, from the neolithic on through the Bronze Age to Hellenistic and Roman times. The hall of the goods featuring copies of statues of the Greek divinities found mostly in Perge. The two halls of artefacts displaying collections of items recovered from an ancient sunken and from the surrounding areas. The hall of the Roman Emperors that has great examples of statues, representing the main character of Roman Sculpture. The other halls displays magnificent series of sarcophagi, mosaics from Seleukeia, and fine coin collections with the Hoard of Probus, the Aspendos Hoard (silver), a Byzantine gold hoard found at Finike in 1959, and the Side Hoard (silver).

The rich ethnographic hall comprises two big halls where are displayed a great variety of material of the Turkish period like weapons, clothing, stockings, jewelry, domestic equipment, books, tiles, glass, porcelain, locks, musical instruments and carpets.

There are also large pieces, such as sarcophagi, tombstone, statues displayed in the open air gallery outside.

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