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Antalya Travel Guide

Sports in Antalya

Antalya offers a wide range of activities and sports to do, thanks to its favourable climate and geographic situation make of this city a splendid place for sports. Its clearest waters give to the scuba diving enthusiasts a good opportunity to explore the waters of its coasts, as well as in Antalya are possible to enjoy of winter sports in the middle of the summer or live extreme sensations skiing or rafting in beautiful canyons. Golfing in Antalya is a unique experience with first class courses to play. Undoubtedly this magnificent place never will disappoint to those who enjoy the sports.

Throughout the year, Antalya hosts numerous sporting events including international beach volleyball, triathlons and canoeing competitions.

Rafting is done in the Koprulu Canyon National Park. The Manavagat River offers great opportunities for rafting to enthusiast. Koprucay has become in one of the most breathtaking rafting centres in the country. There are a couple of agencies in the city who organise trips, including transport and equipment.

Belek located at just 30km from the centre of Antalya, is undoubtedly a paradise holiday resort to enjoy golf and considered as one of the most important resorts in the country. With an average temperatures, ranging from 28 C in October to15 C in January and 300 days of sunshine, Belek's golf courses are ideal for playing throughout the year. There are various Golf Clubs located in Belek some of them Gloria Golf Club - Antalya Golf Club - Tat International Golf Club - National Golf Club -Gloria Golf Resort - Gloria Verde Resort - Gloria Select Villas - Tatbeach Golf Hotel - Sirene Golf Hotel - Arcadia Resort Hotel - Belconti Resort Hotel - Club Hotel Rixos.

Scuba diving
Scuba diving is gaining popularity in the Mediterranean, especially in Antalya. Lara and Konyalti are two beaches that offer great beach diving opportunities. The travertine goes down to the depths of 14 to 25 meters. Konyalti provides a natural habitat for marine life that could be seen. Dove Island, to the west of Antalya is another place to dive. It is shallow and the bottom is sandy, perfect for beginners, while the northeast shore offers a challenging dive to experienced divers with its rocky outcroppings at a depth of 22 meters.

Winter sports in Antalya are gaining popularity too. Saklikent in the Beydag mountain range at 1850m. is a short-season ski resort at 50km west of Antalya (1hour by bus) offering the opportunity to ski and swim in the sea on the same day. The season opens at the end of December and provides enthusiasts with the chance to ski until the middle of April.

The Beydag mountain range offers great opportunities for climbing. It has peaks ranging from 600 - 3086 m., with a variety of geological and typographical features. Enthusiasts can enjoy climbing the Tekedorugu, Bakirli Dag, Tahtalidag and Kizlar Sivrisi.

Fishing in Antalya as in all the country is done with leisure purposes and in non-prohibited areas. Amateur equipment and non-commercial, multi-hooked lines should be used and nets should not weigh more than 5 kg.

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