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Antalya Travel Guide

Getting Antalya

By Air
Antalya can be reach easily from all the major cities of Turkey. There are direct flights arriving to the International Airport that is located at 10km from the city center, from some European cities and domestic flights fro Istanbul and Ankara. From the airport to the city centre there are available Havas running several times daily.

By Ferries
Ferries connect Antalya with Europe across the Bosphorus. They operate throughout the day until midnight. Ferries arrive at Limani, five kilometres west of town.

By Bus
Turkey’s road network connects almost all the cities among them. Coaches from the mayor cities are available to Antalya, even from little towns. The fares are low. The Bus station is located on Kazim Ozalp Cad with daily bus service to Ankara (10 hours), Marmaris (10 hours), Konya (7 hours), Fethiye (6 hours), Kas (5 hours), Alanya (2 hours), Manavgat (1 1/2 hours), Aspend (1 hour), and Perge (30 min.)

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