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Antalya Travel Guide

Getting Around Antalya

Although Antalya could be explored on foot the transportation are efficient and inexpensive for visitor. There are public busses, trams, mini-busses, taxi cabs and dolmus.

Antalya’s bus service is operated by the Antalya’s Municipality. They are easily get from everywhere in the city. Fares are low. Simply show up at the bus station (“otogar”) and announce your destination.

As in the entire country Dolmus are another good cheaper option to travel around the city. They could be gotten from anywhere because they do not have stops, but just remember to announce your destination. The fares are low and according to the distance of the trip.

The city is well served by taxis, recognizable by its yellow color and a sign with the word Taxi in the top of the car. Each taxi is metered and there are two different rates. After midnight (24:00) till morning (06:00) it will cost 50% more than the daytime fare. For popular destinations there are price lists showing the rate in Euro. A fair rate is about TRY 0.8 to 1 per kilometer. To the airport there is almost no alternative than the taxi and it will set you back with 15 Euro (ca 28 TRY) during the day.

The tramway connects the western Konyaalti Beach to the eastern part of the city center. It runs all 30 min. in either direction and costs 1.30 TLY per person.

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