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Ankara Travel Guide

Getting Around Ankara

Ankara’s public transportation system is well developed, cheap and easy to use. Among the alternatives the city is well served by the Municipality buses, public buses, dolmus, taxi and subway.

By Bus (Otobüs)
The bus service is provided by two companies. One operated by the Municipality called Belediye Otobüsü, the buses are either blue or red colorized and dark blue stripped. They use electronic tickets, and that is why one has to buy the ticket in advance. The tickets are sold in the ticket kiosk (bufe).

The second company is privately run Halk Otobüsü, which are blue or green. These buses just accept cash. There are also green double-decker buses operated privately, that as the second company just accept cash.

Underground (Metro-Hafif Metro)
Ankara has two types of metro lines serving the city. Ankaray, that is a light metro, and Metro. Both of them are very comfortable, clean and fast.

Ankaray (light metro), runs from runs from ASTI (Ankara Intercity Bus Station) at west of the town, passing through Kizilay, to Dikimevi. Ankara Metro runs as a full automatic metro line from Kizilay to Batikent.

The fares are cheap same as the bus, the electronic bus tickets are also accepted in the two lines. Route map and electronic cards can be obtained from any underground station. Working hours are 06.00-00.00.

Dolmus or shared taxis are widely available in Ankara. Usually they have a sign in the lower or upper right-hand corner of their windshield specifying its destination. The fares are cheaper than taxis, and depend of the traveled distance. The dolmus are easily taken from everywhere because they do not have stops, and in the same way to get off. To get off the passenger says "inecek var" that means “someone to get off here” and the dolmus will stop.

Taxi (Taksi)
Taxis as the dolmus are widely available around the city; they are easily recognizable by their yellow color and the sign Taxi in the top of the car. The fares are cheaper and the cost is according to the traveled distance. They use meters to estimate the cost of the travel and the passenger have to be sure that the meter is on day rate and reads "gündüz" from 06:00a.m till midnight. As in all the country the taxis increment their rates in 50% after midnight.

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