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Ataturk Mausoleum

The Ataturk Mausoleum or Antibakir is the place where the rests of the founder of the Republic of Turkey, Kemal Ataturk, are resting. The Mausoleum is located on the Anit Tepesi, beyond the railroad station, about 2.5km/1.5mi southwest of Ulus Meydani.

The Mausoleum was designed by Prof. Emin Onat in association with Prof. Orhan Arda, its construction took about 10 years and completed in 1953. The building is a notable example of modern Turkish architecture, and bears lively collection of memorabilia from Ataturk's life and work, private library, documents, stamps, coins, books and cars.

Ataturk’s body was buried in the Mausoleum on November 10 1953, in a great ceremony.

The Mausoleum features a large area known as Mausoleum Hill. Gardens and parks surround the building, which is reached by special roads. Leading to the Mausoleum is Lion Road, bordered on either side by 24 lion statues. To the right of the entrance is the Tower of Independence, and to the left, the Tower of Freedom. In front of the towers are two groups of statues depicting three men and three women, who represent the Turkish nation.

To the right of the entrance is Mehmetcik Tower, and to the left Defense Law Tower. On the right is a colonnaded and vaulted section looking into the courtyard. The Mausoleum and the Guard Section is here. This section ends with Victory Tower. Between this tower and the Peace Tower, exactly opposite to the Hall of Honor where Ataturk's body lies, is another double row of columns. The section between the Peace Tower, and the April 23 Tower to the right of the entrance houses the administrative offices.

Ataturk’s tomb is situated between the Reform Tower and the Republic Tower in the Hall of Honor. To the sides of the entrance of the Hall of Honor there are bas-reliefs depicting some important episodes of the Turkey’s history. In the left side is a bas-relief in commemoration of the Baskumandan Meydan War, and in the right there is a bas-relief depicting the wars and victories from Vienna to Sakarya. In front of the window, on a raised stone platform is Ataturk's Sarcophagus. It was made of a single piece of colored marble, in front of which is Ataturk's Independence Medallion. Ataturk is buried directly under this sarcophagus.

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